Being Sneaky

One thing that most people assume about being a CODA is that I was constantly sneaking out since my parents couldn’t actually hear me.  The surprising thing, is that in my experience, it was almost impossible to sneak out.  I swear my parents had super sonic powers and knew when I was even thinking about sneaking out.  I would just shift positions in my bed and my mom would wake up and feel the need to check on me.  It was the same if I came home past curfew.  I would still walk in as quiet as I could, as if my parents could hear me, and as soon as I took my shoes off, I could hear my mom yelling at me for being late.   

Similarly, I had the same problem when it came to sneaking candy.  I had a very big sweet tooth when I was younger.  I would try to sneak some chocolate while I was sitting in the back of the car, and my parents wouldn’t even have to turn around and they would just instantly smell it the minute I opened the wrapper.   

Most people underestimate how powerful the senses can get when you lose one, so not many people expect that it would actually be hard to sneak around since they couldn’t even hear me.  I swear that my mom just felt it in her bones when I was causing trouble, and I honestly could never get away with anything.  Although I did manage to sneak out once or twice successfully, but I failed more times than I could ever count. 

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